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The Venezuelan Canadian Association is a multiracial, multiethnic and multilingual organization, that seeks to accomplish the following objectives: 

1.   To bring together people with ties with Venezuela.  Ties such as family roots, friendship, or any other interest in the country.

2.   To promote the Venezuelan customs and culture within the Canadian society, by means or organizing presentations of Venezuelan dances and other expressions of our folklore.

3.   To develop, encourage and maintain the relationship with other associations with similar objectives.

4.   To maintain up-to-date information about Venezuelan economic, cultural and social affairs, and to make it available to any members of the Association.

5.   To foment and participate in the celebration and commemoration of the Venezuelan Patriotic holidays.

6.   To support the integration of new Venezuelan residents into the Canadian Society.

 The Directive Council is composed as follows:


Maria Milagros Salas


Andreina Baquero


Lelis Aponte


Alexaida Mendoza

Vocal 1

Noema Castillo
Vocal 2 Daniel Obadia
Vocal 3 Susana Castellano
Vocal 4 Maximiliano Figueredo

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