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 In order to bring together the Venezuelan Community and all of those interested in our traditions and customs, Asovenca has planned the following activities for the year 2002:   


Mother’s Day Celebration

We invite you to celebrate Mothers Day with our traditional meals:  pabellon, arepas, chicha, quesillo and more.  Also you will be able to enjoy our songs and dances.     


Independence Day

A family picnic will take place in order to celebrate the 5th of July, day of our independence from the Spaniards.  Bring the kids, because they will have many surprises.  If you would like to know more information on our history, we invite you to visit

The date and place are still to be determined.


Halloween Party

      In order to get together and have some fun with our friends, Asovenca will organize a  Halloween Party where all kinds of dress robes will be allowed, so start getting creative and   think how you could win this contest.


Christmas Party

      Christmas is a very special time for all of us, so we always enjoy getting our big family together to have some fun and delight our traditional Christmas meal.  You will feel like at home, with live groups playing gaita, salsa and merengue.  We invite you to hear some of our traditional tunes at or

  As a new directive Council, elected on March of this year, we are looking forward to seeing all of you participate in our activities.

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